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Over the years, our business seminar speakers have made many excellent presentations that represent wisdom gained through many years of real-life business experience. AF offers the following MP3 recordings as free products with registration. Add these products to your cart and check out at no cost. You will receive an email providing access to the downloadable recording.

Business Seminar Recording Archives

Subject: Biblical Principles of Business and Work

Loving God in Business

by Steve Byler

Subject: Business Startup and Planning

Strategic Planning – Business Turbo

by Leland Ulrich of Grandview, TX

Strategic Planning: An Overview

by Julian Coblentz

Subject: Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

Debt and Finances

by LaMar Hochstetler

Subject: Employee Management and Relations

Subject: Business Operations

Subject: Business Agreements

Subject: Sales and Marketing

Effectively Selling Wholesale and Retail

by Dwayne Borkholder and Perry J. Miller

Everyone Is In Sales

by Paul Landis

Subject: Other

Leading to Excellence

by Bill Mullet