About the Organization

About Anabaptist Financial

Anabaptist Financial is a nonprofit investment organization, working to assist the brotherhood in channeling material resources within the kingdom of Christ and providing stewards with financial counsel consistent with conservative Anabaptist beliefs and values. Anabaptist Financial is governed by an independent board of directors. The board is deliberately drawn from different sectors of our conservative Anabaptist community, and reflects a mix of business experience, professional training, ministerial experience, and nonprofit administration. In addition, an advisory group of approximately 40 members provides counsel to the board. The same board, as well as staff, also administers Anabaptist Financial’s sister organizations—Anabaptist Foundation and Stewardship Resources. Anabaptist Financial’s primary service is an investment and loans program. We provide investment opportunity in approximately 20 states, and we provide loan opportunity in many states.

About Anabaptist Foundation

Anabaptist Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt public foundation uniquely positioned to provide charitable gift services to Anabaptists donors, churches, and nonprofit organizations, with a variety of tools and resources available to maximize donated funds. These resources include Donor-Advised Funds, Pooled Income Funds, Investment Management Agreements, endowments, bequests, and loans to churches and non-profit organizations.

About Stewardship Resources

Stewardship Resources is a nonprofit education organization, working to assist the brotherhood to provide stewards with financial education and counsel consistent with conservative Anabaptist beliefs and values. We provide educational resources that weave an understanding of Biblical stewardship into business and family finances. These resources include educational seminars, articles, books, audios, an advising/mentoring service, and business management tools.