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Our Vision
At the heart of our Business Advising is a desire to help businesses operate with a kingdom focus. We are dedicated to shaping business ideas and action from a shared perspective of conservative Anabaptist faith and practice. We seek to help businesses demonstrate God’s will done on earth—in business—as it is in heaven.

Our Mission
Business Advising offers consulting services utilizing experienced Anabaptist businessmen. Our advisors are business veterans who partner with you to provide expert guidance and real business solutions. We will work with you from your starting point, whether you are a new business trying to manage growth or an experienced enterprise just needing some insight to get over a hump. 

Our Values
Kingdom focused: As Anabaptist advisors, we believe our faith should inform every business impulse and decision.

Brotherhood: We promote brotherhood connection and work with our clients to uphold church values and standards and align with their congregations.

Servant Leadership: We aspire to lead with love and humility, serving the common good of all stakeholders.

Integrity: We are dedicated to integrity in applying Biblical business ethics.

Results: We are results-oriented and seek to conserve resources and practice faithful stewardship.

Our History
Business Advising began in 2007, serving the Anabaptist community across the United States. In the beginning, our team of advisors consisted of Richard Shank, David Sauder, and David G. Martin, but it has since grown to over 20 Advisors from various Anabaptist communities and groups.

Our Business Advising services initially assisted struggling businesses. While we still have a heart for helping financially struggling businesses, we are also responding to the high demand to help successful businesses step up to the next level of excellence or receive expert counsel for challenging opportunities. Many problems can be avoided by investing in preventive planning and wise guidance.

Give us a call at 570-203-1862, or fill out and submit the linked Advising Application to begin a conversation with our experienced team.