Andrew Beachy

Account Manager

Contact Andrew to inquire about the Charitable Gift Fund program                     or general Anabaptist Foundation services.

Phone: 570-261-7147

Kendall Martin

Loan Closing & Servicing
Phone: 570-468-1344

Jason Newswanger

Client Relations
Phone: 570-468-1343

Mark Anthony Peachey

Planned Giving Manager, CSR Manager

Contact Mark Anthony to inquire about Charitable Bequests or gifts of real estate, stock, or commodities, or to inquire about the Charitable Solicitation Registration program for nonprofit organizations.

Phone: 570-261-7490

Jason Sensenig

Family Finance Administrator
Phone: 570-468-1357

Brian Stauffer

Loan Facilitator
Phone: 570-261-7173

Dave Swearingen

Business Advising Administrator
Phone: 570-309-0268