Andrew Beachy

Foundation Account Supervisor

Contact Andrew to inquire about the Charitable Gift Fund program or general Anabaptist Foundation services.

Phone: 570-261-7147

Edward Hershberger

Business Advising Manager
Phone: 570-203-1862

Richie Lauer

Charitable Gift Fund Manager

3480 Danville Pike
Hillsville, VA 24343

Phone: (276) 733-9947
Fax: (866) 230-6253

Kendall Martin

Loans Manager
Phone: 570-468-1344

Jason Newswanger

Loans Manager, Investments Manager
Phone: 570-468-1343

Drew Roth

Loan Closing Supervisor
Phone: (570) 261-7559
Fax: 866) 230-6253

Jason Sensenig

Family Finance Manager, Business Seminar Manager
Phone: 570-468-1357