Special Gift Fund

Introduction to Special Gift Funds

From time to time, certain needs or visions for ministry capture the hearts of people in our church constituency. The Foundation will consider requests to establish Special Gift Fund accounts to facilitate anonymous giving or to address pending needs.

Special Gift Fund are accounts that exist to benefit a specified church, ministry, or charitable cause. 

  • Donors may contribute to the Foundation and recommend that their gift be applied to a Special Gift Fund account. 
  • Donors receive a tax-deductible contribution receipt from the Foundation.
  • The identify of donors is not revealed to the benefiting churches or nonprofit organizations.
  • The Foundation does not actively solicit funds for any of these accounts.  Instead, churches and ministries may recommend the accounts to their members and supports as a venue for anonymous donations.

Special Gift Fund accounts may also be established as collection funds for pending needs.  For example, a nonprofit organization which is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3), tax-exempt status may wish to begin creating awareness of its projects and pending needs and locate donors who wish to contribute right away.  Donors who wish to make an immediate gift may contribute to a Special Gift Fund in order to secure a current tax contribution receipt.  The Foundation holds these contributions in the fund until the benefiting organization achieve tax-exempt status, whereupon the Foundation then disburses funds to it.  If the benefiting organization would fail, for some reason, to achieve tax-exempt status, donors would be given the opportunity to redirect their contribution to a different church or 501(c)(3, tax-exempt organization.

To support any of our Special Gift Funds, make your check payable to Anabaptist Foundation and write the name of the special fund on the memo line of your check.

Current Special Gift Funds

  • Charity Hardship Fund — supporting alms and deacon funds at churches that face needs beyond the capacity of the local congregation
  • Stewardship Education Fund — supporting efforts to teach Biblical financial stewardship
  • Urban Mennonite Ministries (Schools) Fund— supporting efforts to operate an Anabaptist school for urban children
  • Wilderness Camp Project Fund — supporting programs for troubled children
  • Colony Mennonite Fund supporting ministries which serve Colony Mennonite people