Business booklets are compiled from selected business seminar presentations and best articles by others that align with our business values. Titles include general business subjects like entrepreneurship, business leadership and management, and specific areas of business practice such as accounting and employee management, etc.

We partner with Christian Learning Resource to offer these booklets to you. You may place your orders from the selections below. Order fulfillment and payment is handled by CLR.


Subject: Business Startup and Planning

Provides 50 factors of business and guides you through an evaluation process to determine strengths and weaknesses

A collection of entrepreneurial articles on start-up ideas, innovation, and vision for operating a Godly, family-based enterprise.

From beginner to years of experince - This booklet will explain step by step in how to develop and implement a strategic plan for your business, organization, or home.

Subject: Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

A collection of articles on accounting issues, business and farm taxation, and financial statements for the non-financial manager

An Excel-based tool for calculating financial and management ratios. Recommended for use with the Accounting, Taxes, and Financial Statements booklet.

Subject: Employee Management and Relations

A collection of articles on encouraging and managing employees

Subject: Sales and Marketing

An Excel calculator to determine Return on Investment.

A collection of articles on sales and marketing.

Subject: Other

A collection of articles on a broad cross-section of general business themes