Anabaptist Financial

The Investment and Loan Program at Anabaptist Financial is a major channel for moving financial resources within conservative Anabaptist church communities. Anabaptist Financial secured its tax-exempt status on a religious basis, demonstrating that our Investment and Loan Program enhances our conservative Anabaptist religious values by connecting investors and borrowers in relationships that preserve our way of life and uphold our traditional values of mutual aid and brotherhood accountability.

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Brotherly investments

We provide investors with a secure and profitable return on their money. By placing investments at Anabaptist Financial, conservative Anabaptists put their funds to work within their own church brotherhood groups. We provide a reasonable rate of return to investors, who use their interest earnings to support many traditional values such as saving, charitable giving, and support for the elderly who depend on investment income.

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Constituency loans

Funds placed at Anabaptist Financial are reinvested only within conservative Anabaptist circles in the form of loans to individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. No funds are reinvested in secular circles, such as bonds, mutual funds, or the stock market. Borrowers can obtain loans from Anabaptist Financial with reasonable interest rates and loan origination fees.

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Our values

Borrowers and investors participate in real mutual aid with mutual gain.  The funds which investors place at Anabaptist Financial assist borrowers who are in need, and the interest and principal payments from borrowers benefit investors. Participation in this network of individuals who share common doctrine and lifestyle holds unique value and keeps financial resources within the Anabaptist community. Additionally, our investment and loan program supports the following conservative Anabaptist values:

  • Investors know that their funds are being used for purposes that are in accordance with our religious beliefs.
  • We provide loans that are protected by mutual aid sharing plans in lieu of insurance. Many banks do not accept church mutual aid plans.
  • We provide stewardship education to borrowers consistent with our lifestyle values, especially to young, first-time borrowers.
  • We provide loans for individuals coming back from foreign voluntary service assignments who may not have recent tax returns or income history.
  • We do not impose a penalty for borrowers who have non-conforming homes, such as homes with no electricity.
  • We allow borrowers with construction loans to do the work themselves, rather than requiring a licensed contractor.
  • In the case of a loan default, we conduct resolutions in accordance with our religious beliefs and without foreclosure or legal proceedings.