We sift through the profusion of business books in the marketplace and offer the “best in their class” that we find that are suitable to guide Christians in business. While these books must be read with discrimination, they are generally in alignment with conservative Anabaptist values.

Business Books

Subject: Biblical Principles of Business and Work

It's Not Your Business
Gary Miller

We rush off to work each morning and wonder – are we too focused on making a living? Our occupations take so much time and energy. Are our lives out of balance?

Subject: For Employees

Getting Along At Work
Caleb Crider

Satisfaction at work can be hindered by stressful, frustrating relationships.

Subject: Other

Amish Enterprise
Donald B. Kraybill and Steven M. Nolt

Amish culture has been rooted in the soil since its beginnings in 1693. But what happens when members of America's oldest Amish community enter non-farm work in one generation?

Success Made Simple
Erik Wesner

With a focus on relationship-building and the big picture, Success Made Simple offers business owners everywhere the tools for better, smarter, more successful enterprises.