Over the years, our business seminar speakers have made many excellent presentations that represent wisdom gained through many years of real-life business experience. Most of these sessions have been recorded and are available as audio CDs and MP3s.

We partner with Christian Learning Resource to offer these recordings to you. You may place your orders from the selections below. Order fulfillment and payment is handled by CLR.

Business Seminar Recordings

Subject: Biblical Principles of Business and Work

Biblical Business Values

by Ray Yoder, Jr.

Business as Mission

by Gary Miller

Entrepreneurial Vision

by Wayne Wengerd

From Prison to Palace

by Levi P. Miller

Grace at Work

by Amos Kauffman

Loving God in Business

by Steve Byler

Ministering Through Business

by Delbert Petersheim

Seeking First the Kingdom

by Ben Stoltzfus

The Generosity Contradiction

by Paul A. Miller

Work, Worth, Wealth

by Joe Bauman

Subject: Business Leadership

Leadership and Business

by Bill Mullet

Leading with Excellence

by Bill Mullet

Leading with Humility

by Larry Troyer

Leading with Love

by Ray R. Troyer

Servant Leadership

by Bill Mullet

Strategic Leadership

by Myron Miller

The Big Picture

by David Sauder

Values Driven Leadership

by Dwight Kratzer

Visionary Leadership

by Myron Miller

Subject: Business Startup and Planning

Starting a Business

by Wayne Wengerd

Strategic Planning - In Theory

by Julian Coblentz

Strategic Planning – Business Turbo

by Leland Ulrich of Grandview, TX

Strategic Planning: An Overview

by Julian Coblentz

Subject: Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

Business Finance

by Tim Thomas

Debt and Finances

by LaMar Hochstetler

Manual Record Keeping

by Emery Miller

Numbers Made Simple

by Nathan Siegrist

The Balance Sheet Story

by Larry Troyer

Where’s the Money?

by Larry Troyer

Subject: Employee Management and Relations

Building Good Relations

by Lewi Graber

Employee Compensation

by Panelists

Fully Engaged Employees

by Dale Martin

Putting People First

by Merle Herr

Relationships in Business

by Paul A. Miller

Subject: For Employees

Achieving Teamwork

by Ray R. Troyer

Becoming a Key Employee

by Nathan Rutt

Becoming a Key Employee

by Shawn Miller

Document and Filing Management

by Leonard Meador

Following with Purpose

by Ben Slabaugh

Getting Along at Work

by Caleb Crider

Office Etiquette and Reception

by Leonard Meador

Organizing for Productivity

by Ray Randolph

Subject: Business Governance and Transitions

Business Entity Choices

by LaMar Hochstetler

Business Valuation

by Kevin J. McClarigan, CPA

Buy-Sell Agreements

by Leonard Meador

Fair Market Value Analysis

by Galen Martin

Organizational Structure

by Leonard Meador

Organizational Structure

by Roger Zimmerman

Subject: Business Operations

Organized Chaos

by Daniel Wengerd

Organizing for Productivity

by Ray Randolph

Process Flow and Inventory

by Dale A. Savage

Service Management

by Leonard Meador

Subject: Business Communications

Effective Business Writing

by Paul A. Miller

Leading Crucial Conversations

by Tony Hollinger

Subject: Business Agreements

Managing Supply Chain Issues

by Leonard Meador

Subject: Sales and Marketing

Advanced Selling Techniques

by Rodney Martin

Building Customer Relations

by Daniel A. Troyer

Effective Sales

by Nelson Kaufman, Jr.

Effectively Selling Wholesale and Retail

by Dwayne Borkholder and Perry J. Miller

Everyone Is In Sales

by Paul Landis

Getting to the Heart of Marketing

by Willis Schlabach

How We Market Our Products

by James Yoder and Chris Schlabach

How We Market Our Products

by Amos Glick and Sam Stoltzfus

Marketing Methods

by Ervin Raber

Marketing: Plain and Simple

by David Sauder

The Marketing Toolbox

by Merle Gingrich

The Marketing Toolbox

by Atlee Raber

Why Good Advertising Works

by Doug Scheetz

Subject: Other

Avoid a Business Meltdown

by David Bohlander

Family and Business

by Wayne Wengerd

Investment Fraud in Plain View

by David Bohlander

Surviving Business Crises

by Richard Shank

Warning Signs of a Business Failure

by Richard Shank of Hagerstown, MD