The Young Family Finance Seminar and the Budgeting Seminar fit together like a house on a foundation. Together these two can help protect youth and young married couples against the strain and stress of the harsh elements.

The Young Family Finance Seminar lays a solid foundation. It teaches Biblical principles, such as stewardship concepts, principles of giving, scriptural view of debt, and principles of saving.

The Budgeting Seminar then builds on this by offering practical advice in setting up a budget. A budget will quickly fall apart if it is not built on the foundation of Biblical principles.

Anabaptist Financial partners with local communities that have a heart for this kind of teaching. If you would like more information on these seminars, or would like to talk to someone about scheduling a seminar in your area, please contact:

Jason Sensenig


Phone: (570)468-1357

Our Family Finance seminars have been canceled due to the mass gathering and social distancing guidelines in place from COVID-19. If you are interested in hosting a Young Family Finance or Budgeting Seminar in your community, let us know and we will schedule it as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Upcoming seminars to be scheduled as soon as we can include:

  • Young Family Finance and Budgeting Seminar - Sauk Centre, MN
  • Young Family Finance and Budgeting Seminar - Buffalo, MO
  • Young Family Finance Seminar - Bainbridge, OH