An advisor’s resources come from his experiences, expertise, and training generated from his own life’s work. From our pool of advisors, you choose the one whom you feel would be most compatible for you. In some situations, you may only want your advisor to meet with you one time for a few hours. In other cases, your needs could involve several days per month, for an extended time. You may discontinue our service at anytime. Also, if you should discover a personal incompatibility between you and the advisor you have chosen, you may switch from one advisor to another.

Advisors are seasoned Anabaptist brethren committed to integrating Christian principles into all facets of business practice. This is not only the best way to achieve success, but also the only way to receive the critical blessing of the Lord in His kingdom business.

Advisors help clients think through problems and suggest practical solutions. They assist with designing and implementing strategies to avert future issues and aid in effective business development. No one Advisor has experience in all business practices. You should make contact with the advisors and determine which is the most qualified to assist you.

One advisor is assigned to a client, but if a client situation calls for a particular skill that is beyond an advisor’s ability, the advisor will with your permission involve another professional. In this case, the original advisor may or may not stay involved, whichever the client prefers.

To protect the privacy of our business advisors, we provide limited information on this web page. Detailed profiles of each advisor's business experience are available by contacting us about business advising.


Our Business Advisors

Below is a list of our business advisors:

Atlee Raber

Berlin, OH

Clair M. High

Myerstown, PA

Dale A. Savage

Arcanum, OH

David Bower

Redwood, VA

David G. Martin

Richland, PA

David K. Sauder

Mount Joy, PA

Doug Ramer

Myerstown, PA

Gary Garber

Eaton, OH

Greg Wolf

Sawyer, KS

Larry Troyer

Sugarcreek, OH

Leonard E. Meador

Rossville, IN

Richard E. Shank

Hagerstown, MD

Richard K. Herr

Littlestown, PA

Wayne H. Wengerd

Dalton, OH

Brief Advisor Profiles