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Our Advisors

Our advisors are seasoned Anabaptist brethren committed to integrating Christian principles into all facets of business practice. Each advisor has unique business experience and expertise that will be matched to the client's area of need. For more information, ask for the detailed Advisor Profile.


Noah Bontrager. GOSHEN, IN. Fusion Designs
Noah founded Fusion Designs which has grown to 65 employees over the years. He enjoys working with his two sons in the business. Noah's experience includes leadership, goals, visions, manufacturing, design, wholesale marketing, and employee relations. His desire is to provide common-sense, faith-driven advising that can be easily understood.

David Bower. REDWOOD, VA. Seven Oaks Landscape and Hardscape.
Born and raised on Goldenview Dairy, David has 30 years of experience as a third-generation dairy farmer. In his youth, he started Seven Oaks Landscape and later cofounded Homestead Creamery. David’s strengths include employee motivation, conflict resolution, accounting and financial management, strategic planning, and leadership. He also works with struggling businesses.

Brent Bowman. BOONES MILL, VA. Bowman Excavating, Inc.
Throughout his boyhood, Brent gained valuable work experience with his mother’s family on their farm. Family relationships in business have played a large role in his own work experience and in his desire to help others. He started excavating 32 years ago. The business thrived as he applied detail-oriented concepts to decision making and day-to-day operations. He started transitioning the business to his son in 2018. Together they strive to make their business a place where their employees can better themselves in a wholesome environment with a family feel.

Ken Burkholder. GORDONVILLE, PA. Good’s Store
After serving as president of Good’s Store for 27 years, Ken recently transitioned from the president position to successor. He is a shareholder and chairman of the board in this fourth-generation business. Ken has experience in retail—customer service, purchasing, management, and finances. His desire is to help business owners establish goals and visions in a way that their business can bless their families, the community, church, and the kingdom of God.

Elam Esh. NEW PROVIDENCE, PA. Country Value Woodworks LLC. 
Elam founded Country Value Woodworks LLC, which has grown to 45 employees over the years. He enjoys working and growing together with his brother as a partner. Elam’s experience includes leadership, vision, business models, Lean manufacturing, understanding customers, and KPIs. He enjoys thinking outside the box.

Gary Garber. EATON, OH. Garber Electric. 
Gary founded Garber Electric in high school and then merged it with an oil company his father owned. Eventually they split the business, and Gary continued with Garber Electrical Contractors, Inc. Recently he transitioned ownership to his son. Gary’s business experiences enabled him to develop in financial forecasting, estimating and pricing methodology, multi-division, buying/selling businesses, and banking and cash management.

Lamar Hess. DILLSBURG, PA.  Hess & Company.
In 2006 Lamar formed Hess & Company, which expanded into a construction company, crop and chicken farm, and a home remodeling company. Raised on a dairy farm, Lamar has years of experience in farming. He also worked as a general contractor for many years. The contracting world has taught him valuable life lessons in business plans and management. Lamar likes to troubleshoot business problems and has a strong interest in sales, team management, and motivation. He is also interested in succession plans for businesses and farms.

Clair High. MYERSTOWN, PA. C.M. High Inc. 
As president of C.M. High Inc. for 38 years, Clair has experienced the growth, challenges, changes, and transition that comes with business. He acquired the company when it had eight employees; it now has over one hundred. Clair offers business advising in organizational structure and management, customer and vendor relationships, company startups and development, longterm planning, and financial development.

Glendon Horst. NEWMANSTOWN, PA. FE Horst Masonry
Glendon went in partnership with his dad in a family mason-contracting business in 1989. The business has grown to include three of his brothers and two of his sons along with other employees. He currently manages the business’s daily operations. He also farms and gives oversight to his family’s small diner and real estate rental businesses. Glendon’s desire is to develop leaders of the next generation who understand business and can take over family businesses.

David G. Martin. RICHLAND, PA. Dutch-Way Value Mart, Inc. and Dutch Country Hardware, Inc., 
David is part owner of a large hardware store and equipment rental service and oversees the financing. In the past, he served as president of Dutch-Way Farm Market, which grew to three locations and over 400 employees. He sold the business in steps over several years. David’s goal is to help people understand what it takes to operate a successful business. That includes proper financing to enable positive cash flow, as well as understanding monthly/quarterly statements.

Leon Martin. TENINO, WA.    AutoTech Services
Raised in southern Illinois, Leon decided to continue the family tradition of general automotive repair and services his father started in Lancaster Co., PA in 1951. Today he coaches automotive shops and helps AF clients with daily challenges while maintaining a proper kingdom vision. His interest lies in helping owners look outside the box for the many potentials that usually lie untapped. He also has an understanding into financial management, strategic planning, and leadership.

Atlee Raber. BERLIN, OH. Berlin Gardens.
Atlee started Raber’s Greenhouse in 1975 and Berlin Gardens Gazebos in 1988. Both busineses are now sold, but Atlee continues to make sales calls and assist with home shows. Atlee desires to help others avoid business mistakes he learned the hard way, especially in running a business without technology. He believes people should exercise their calling to honor God in business. Marketing and sales are his strongest business skills.

David Sauder. MOUNT JOY, PA. Business Advisor. 
David became interested in business consulting while purchasing distressed businesses and turning them into profitable enterprises. He also started four businesses from scratch and eventually sold them. David’s business experience lies in manufacturing, marketing, transition, investment, and risk management. He likes to see business owners motivated by their mission and using profitable business plans.

Richard Shank. HAGERSTOWN, MD. Retired. 
Richard owned, operated, and sold several businesses over the years. This included home remodeling, graphic design and printing, and retail services. He desires to help others bypass pitfalls in the business world, improve profitability, and minimize stress by applying Bible-approved methods. A few areas of expertise include bookkeeping and accounting, mediation, debt and budget counseling, and government relations.

LaRay Stover. RUSSELLVILL, MO. Manufacturing Company.
For the last ten years, LaRay served as the accounting manager at a manufacturing company. Before that, he worked in a furniture store and before that, in his family's bakery/bulk food store business. LaRay is experienced in setting up and using QuickBooks and Sage, managing inventory, banking and accounting/tax relationships, interviewing and hiring employees, and business transition.

Dave Swearingen. NEW CARLISLE, OH.  The Site Group Landscape and Hardscape. 
In 1995 Dave founded The Site Group, a landscape and hardscape company, and served as its president for about 20 years. His current role focuses on design and sales, plus he serves as the Advising Administrator for the AF advising team. Dave has a special interest in marketing, sales, team building, employee relations and incentives, and helping newer businesses through the challenges of growth. He also enjoys brainstorming sessions, planning, and understanding of financial reports and ratios.

Larry Troyer. SUGARCREEK, OH. ProVia.
Larry is vice president of the administration and finance department at ProVia, a manufacturer of exterior doors and windows. Most of his work involves analytics, investments, and providing leadership to staff who work in accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, invoicing, and taxes. He has worked in the accounting/ finance arena most of his adult life. His experience also includes ownership transfers, separations of business entities, consolidations, and business valuation.

Kevin Weaver. SUGARCREEK, OH. Filtrexx International LLC.
In 2001, Kevin and his brother founded a business now named Filtrexx and grew it to more than 80 employees. Filtrexx is a leading provider of environmental services and erosion control. They sold the company in 2014, and Kevin now serves as the company’s business development manager. His business coaching toolbox includes development and sales, processes and efficiency, strategic planning, leadership and teamwork, and business optimization.

Leon Wengerd. DALTON, OH. Pioneer Corp. / Green Field Farms.
Over the past 25 years, Leon worked in various aspects of Pioneer Equipment—a family business started by his father in 1978. In 2021, Leon was asked to manage Green Field Farms™, a farmer-owned cooperative that was financially bankrupt after numerous years of huge financial loss. Today he serves as CEO at Green Field Farms while still filling a consulting role in finance and strategic planning at Pioneer Corp’s family of companies. Leon’s experience includes marketing, sales, operations, accounting and finance, employee management, board structure, conflict resolution, leadership, and strategic planning. He desires to help business owners reach their God-given potential and manage their businesses in a way that can be a blessing to their families, community, church, and the kingdom of God.

Wayne Wengerd. DALTON, OH. Pioneer Equipment, Inc.
Wayne started Pioneer Equipment, Inc. in 1978. Ten of his twelve children work in the business, which now has more than 30 employees. His goal is to assist families in successfully passing on businesses to the next generation. Wayne also likes to see business owners get a good grasp of their business financial reports, so they can make sound business decisions and leave an Anabaptist witness.

Greg Wolf. SAWYER, KS. Family Food Store. 
Greg served fourteen years as an agricultural consultant within a CPA firm. His clientele included banks, feedyards, commercial farming, and ranching operations. Fulfilling a long-time dream, Greg and his wife started Family Food Store in 2012, which combines a deli, bakery, and specialty store. His expertise includes mission and value statements, family business councils, goals and objectives, accounting, and business planning processes.

Clyde Zimmerman. ALTOONA, PA. United Datacom Networks, Inc. 
Clyde started an electrical contracting business in 1989 and later a telecommunications business, which was sold to United Datacom Networks, Inc. Clyde also works in the SALT Microfinance program and Biblical business teaching in developing countries. His primary focus is using “Business as a Mission” for the Kingdom of God and organizing HR in such a way that everyone in the business can thrive and succeed. He has in depth experience in business legal entities, QuickBooks Online for real time simplistic reporting, selecting, and implementing business software applications and cybersecurity best practices to minimize the threat of malware and ransomware incidents.