The Endowed Funds Program at Anabaptist Foundation exists to promote financial stability for conservative Anabaptist nonprofit organizations. Donors with a long-term vision can invest in the organizations they care about and enable continued ministry over time. Endowed Funds are owned and held by Anabaptist Foundation for the benefit of the sponsored organizations.

Advantages for the Donor

  • Long-term Vision — Funds contributed to the Endowed Funds Program benefit the sponsored organizations over time, providing resources for continued ministry beyond the lifetime of the donor.
  • Flexibility — Donors who care about the long-term ministry of an organization can make gifts during their lifetime or in an at-death bequest.
  • Anonymity — Anabaptist Foundation provides a tax-deductible contribution receipt and does not reveal a donor’s identity to the benefiting organization unless the donor requests to be identified.
  • Avoidance of Capital Gains — While the donor can contribute cash, gifts of appreciated assets (real estate, stock, and mutual fund shares) are also accepted and can result in significant capital gains tax savings for the donor.
  • Funds Invested in Constituency Loans — Funds held in the Endowed Fund Program are only invested in the AF loans program within its conservative Anabaptist church constituency. Donors can contribute with the confidence that their gift has the added value of working and growing by being invested in our own people.

Advantages for the Sponsored Organizations

  • No Cost— An endowment fund can be established and administered for qualifying organizations at no cost to the organization or additional workload for its staff or board of directors.
  • Broader Exposure — The Foundation will help sponsored organizations craft an informative brochure about the endowment program for circulation among the organization’s supporters.
  • Predictable Income — Once an endowment fund reaches its payout level, income from the endowment fund is paid out to the sponsored organization once a year, becoming a predictable additional revenue stream to support ministry.
  • Donor Convenience — Donors are able to tie into the services of Anabaptist Foundation and support the sponsored organizations with a variety of gift tools, such as gifts of real estate and stock, which the organization may not be well equipped to handle on its own. Significant donors who are close to the sponsored organization may also keenly value the ability to contribute larger sums to the organization while remaining anonymous.

Current Endowment Accounts

Anabaptist Foundation currently holds endowment accounts to benefit the following organizations:

  • Bald Eagle Boys Camp
  • Deeper Life Ministries
  • Faith Builders Christian School
  • Faith Builders Educational Programs
  • Home Messenger Literature Service
  • Lebanon Valley Christian School
  • Muddy Creek Farm Library
  • Pequea Christian School
  • Terre Hill Mennonite School
  • Tidings of Peace Mennonite School
  • United Christian School
  • Weavertown Amish Mennonite School