Services for Churches and Nonprofits

Our churches are the core of our community life, and the nonprofit organizations that conservative Anabaptists create and operate reflect our values in action. Anabaptist Foundation exists to support conservative Anabaptist churches and nonprofit organizations with charitable gift support, loans, services to equip them for ministry, and counsel to help address challenges that arise.

Charitable Gift Support

Conservative Anabaptist churches and nonprofit organizations are, by far, the largest recipients of gifts from the Foundation’s Charitable Gift Fund Program.


As conservative Anabaptists, we believe that our resources should be—to the greatest extent possible—reinvested in our own people. Living out that principle and using the resources entrusted to Anabaptist Foundation, we place priority on making loans available to conservative Anabaptist churches and nonprofit organizations, enabling them to fulfill their local ministries.

Services and Counsel

Anabaptist Foundation operates no program of its own, so it is positioned to offer impartial, third-party assistance and advice to donors, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Our goals is to assist our churches and nonprofits flourish as they minister locally. Services we provide include: assistance with applications for IRS 501(c)(3), tax-exempt status; organizational and fund-raising counsel for organizations and boards of directors; speakers for special events; and networking opportunities. We cannot assist in every situation, but we welcome your inquiries.