Advising Procedures

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Steps to Select a Business Advisor

  1. Study the literature you received and complete the Business Advising application.
    a. Describe your business needs in detail on page 2 of the application   
    b. Return the completed application with the $99 application fee.

  2. If you have not already spoken, the Advising Administrator will contact you to discuss your needs and clarify our Advising processes. 

  3. The advising office will send detailed profiles of several advisors suitable for your situation. You may call the advisors for a free conversation to help you learn more about them and determine compatibility.

  4. Select one of the advisors and notify the office of your choice.

  5. The advisor will contact you to schedule a mutually satisfactory date for the first meeting.



Meeting Location Options

  • Meeting your Advisor at your business or office can enable extra advantages of insight and understanding due to on-site interaction.

  • Another option is for you to meet your advisor at his office.

  • For less complex issues or document reviews, working with your advisor by telephone, email, or fax may be a good option.