My Experience on Getting a Loan at AF

Enos Byler owns and operates County Kettle Jams, which he recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Ohio.

I can sum up my experience in two words—satisfaction and simple. We had plans to move from Pennsylvania to Ohio, and in order to move our business we needed to buy a facility in Ohio to move into, while maintaining our current facility in Pennsylvania. I had some previous contact with Anabaptist Financial, so I called their loan facilitator. It was very nice to talk with him and to run some numbers past him. We had a conversation about our needs and our situation—it wasn’t all based on numbers, tax returns, and documents. Obviously they needed tax returns and such information, but they were also interested in the personal side of things.

Our real estate agent was totally flabbergasted at how easy and pleasant Anabaptist Financial was to work with, so much so that she went online to try and see if they were legitimate! She was very impressed with the simplicity and ease of working with them throughout the closing process.

It took about a year from the time we purchased the new facility in Ohio until we were able to sell the old property in Pennsylvania. We were at Calvary Bible School over that time cooking for the staff and students, and I called AF and told them, “Closing is coming up on our property in Pennsylvania and I would like to make sure that we get our credit line established out here before I pay everything back to AF.”

They said, “You are sweating it too much. Just wait until you get back from Bible school. Then we will go over all the numbers and will make sure that you’re happy and that everything is taken care of on our end.” So that’s what we did, and it was a very smooth experience. They looked at the numbers, but they were also concerned about us.

The nature of our situation and our need for a bridge loan would have made it difficult to obtain financing through a bank, because of the extra risk involved. It was very refreshing to work with AF and build a relationship of trust. Currently our church, Calvary Chapel, is in the process of buying an existing church building and is obtaining financing through AF.