Articles and Tools Library 2020

Articles and Tools Library 2020

Product Description: 

With the purchase of the 2020 Articles and Tools Library, you will receive access to all current AF articles that have been published in booklet form and related calculators. As a subscription purchase, this library is only 65% of the cost of purchasing each of these items individually.

Your purchase also provides you with an annual subscription to new materials produced by AF to keep your library up-to-date. You will be prompted to renew your subscription at the end of the calendar year to gain access to the updated library for 2021. The 35% savings over the individual purchase price will continue to apply to the ongoing subscription.

At the end of each year, AF will automatically send an invoice for the related materials. You only pay for any new material, so the price will vary depending on how many new articles or toolboxes are produced that year.

You may cancel your annual subscription at any time. However, to continue to receive the 35% volume discount on updates the annual subscription will need to be maintained. If you choose to stop receiving automatic annual updates of all new material, then the 35% volume discount no longer applies for future purchases. If, at a later date, you wish to purchase at the 35% volume discount, you will need to purchase the AF Library to gain the rights to receive annual updates.

The articles and tools library subscription is also available on a flash drive. Call to order.


Articles and Tools Library 2020 Preview



Clean Records - Greg Wolf
Creating a Transparent Culture - Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, Patricia Ward Biederman
Keeping a Business Vow - Crown Financial Ministries

Business Startup and Planning

Strategic Thinking and Planning - David Sauder/Merle Herr
Owning Your Own Business - Richard Shank
Just Plain Speculation - James Landis
Pricing Strategies - Donald J. Sauder, CPA
Humility and Hard work - Wade Myers
The Entrepreneurial Vision - Wayne Wengerd
The Ideal Company - Wade Myers

Business Governance and Transitions

Family Business Agreements - Paul A. Miller
Going Til You’re Gone - Gary Miller
Buy-Sell Agreements - Leonard Meador
Tutoring Your Successor - Richard Shank

Business Communications

The Habits of an Effective Team - Gary Paul Miller

Biblical Principles of Business and Work

The Widgeter’s Shift - Doug Ramer
Business As Mission - Jason Schrock

Business Agreements

Anabaptist Business and the Law - Tyler Hochstetler, Esq.

For Employees

Employee Management and Relations

Fully Engaged Employees - Dale Martin

Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

What Do the Numbers Mean? - Larry Troyer
The Five C's of Credit - Nevin Beiler
Farming Taxation - Jacob M. Dietz
Business Taxation - Donald Sauder

Business Leadership

Strategic Leadership - Myron Miller
Leading With Love - Ray Troyer
Leading With Humility - Larry Troyer

Business Operations

Sales and Marketing

Advanced Sales Techniques - Rodney Martin
Copywriting that Sells - Caleb Crider
Effective Salespeople - Rodney Martin
Everyone in Sales - Paul Landis
Good Customer Service - Atlee Raber
Marketing Your Products - Atlee Raber
New Product Innovation - Leon Wengerd
The Marketing Toolbox - Atlee Raber

Business Leadership, Other

Being a Leader of Integrity - Merle Burkholder
Being a Leader of Integrity - Merle Burkholder

Sales and Marketing

Business Startup and Planning

Strategic Planning Guide - Nevin Beiler, Julian Coblentz, Caleb Crider, Kent Lapp, Leland Ulrich
Starting Your Own Business - Esh, Herr, Myers, Randolph, and Wengerd

Employee Management and Relations

Employee Management - Jones, LeCouvie, Martin, Kliska, McClure, Myers, and Ramer


Business Articles - Anabaptist Financial

Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

Accounting, Taxes, and Financial Statements - Beiler, Dietz, Martin, Sauder, and Troyer

Employee Management and Relations


Sales and Marketing

Marketing Calculator - Anabaptist Financial

Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

Financial Ratio Calculator - Anabaptist Financial